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Assessment and Reporting

portsquare07Effective assessment and reporting is integral to the provision of quality learning and teaching. Based on the principle that all students can learn, quality assessment and reporting practices recognise that children must be provided with appropriate opportunities to demonstrate their achievements. Students are entitled to meaningful feedback regarding their learning, to be challenged, to take responsibility for their own learning and to be motivated to achieve their full potential.

The school recognises the importance of partnership in education. Comprehensive and regular reporting to parents is important to parental support of student learning. supporting parents in guiding their child’s learning and educational choices. Reporting to key stakeholders is crucial in building a culture of accountability and shared responsibility within our school community.

Reporting occurs through Class Letters outlining each term’s course of study, parent information evenings, newsletter articles, children’s books taken home each term and parent/teacher/student learning conferences.  For Years 1 – 6 written reports are provided at the end of Terms 2 and 4 with an opportunity for parent / teacher / student learning conferences after distribution. Kindergarten classes provide an oral report at the end of Term 2 and a written report at the end of Term 4.