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Our Catholic Identity

portsquare25St Patrick’s Primary School is an Educational Community where opportunities are provided for all members to share, celebrate and grow in faith. Evident in the close links between Parish and School is a shared commitment to the Catholic identity of the school and the evangelizing mission of the Church.

As a Catholic school, the Good News of Jesus is central to our lives. Working together with our parents and Parish Priest, we aim to give children a sound understanding of the Gospel values of love, care, respect and justice. Emphasis is placed on the importance of living out these values in daily interpersonal interactions at schools, in our families and in the wider community.

Students are encouraged to perpetuate the Josephite and Franciscan charisms of the school’s founding Religious orders. Central to this is the Franciscan call to environmental stewardship of the planet and the MacKillop commitment to meeting the needs of the disadvantaged. The school’s commitment to its traditional charisms is evident in its policies, social justice programs and in the prayer life of the community.